Stupid Stuff to Believe as a Teen

While I’m in the works of dealing with the rest of this website, I decided it’s about time I write another post. And instead of a story, I decided to talk about the stupid shit I used to believe. Well, believed because of my ignorance on the topic.

My senior year of high school, I was accepted in to college and planned on becoming a Biomedical Engineer. On paper, I wasn’t the biggest idiot. My boyfriend at the time, Gumby, and I went to the pet store. I’m not sure why we were at the pet store, but I often see it’s a place where couples go so why not. During our date Gumby began ranting about how much he loved ferrets and how he wanted a ferret but his parents wouldn’t let him, blah blah blah. The entire time he was on this rant, all I kept thinking is why would someone want a ferret? Aren’t they vicious?

“I don’t think you want a ferret. Once they have a taste of human blood, they’ll want more,” I told him.

“…What.” Another pregnant pause. I think to this day he didn’t know how to best handle this situation.

“Yeah, my dad told me how you don’t want a ferret to taste your blood or they will want to eat you or something like that.”

“Terra, I don’t think that’s true.”

At 18 years old, I confronted my dad about if ferrets like the taste of human blood. Apparently when I was younger I wanted a ferret and to shut me up my dad decided to tell me how ferrets like the taste of human blood. This leads them to get aggressive for more blood. For YEARS I never understood why anyone would want such a horrible animal and figured they probably held the ferret with gloves or something. This probably explains why there are no ferret related deaths on the news. That we know of.

But does my ignorance on animals stop there? Oh no. On my Musings page I have a whole rant where I recently discovered people cut off tails of certain dog breeds for aesthetic reasons. They also clip their ears to stand up straight. How does no one talk about this?! I freaking thought these dogs had medical issues or were unfortunate genetic mutations. Scottish folds have naturally folded ears. I just Googled that to double check. They do. And it’s adorable and natural.

Remember that part where I was accepted in to college with the intent of becoming a Biomedical Engineer? That wasn’t me bragging, especially since that is not what I majored in, but something we should all reflect on after this story. Around 12/13 – I’m not saying the true age because I don’t want to be judged – I wasn’t feeling well and my mom gave me some medicine. I read the label so as a hypochondriac I knew what adverse effects to stress about. The label mentioned something about do not take if you have an inflamed prostate. At this age, I had a tiny bladder and was often running to the bathroom. It’s clearly my inflamed prostate that’s causing this issue.

“I don’t think I should take this, I think I have an inflamed prostate.”

“What.” At this point my mom should’ve just disowned me.

“I think my prostate is inflamed since I go to the bathroom often.” I don’t even think this is a symptom of an inflamed prostate.

“Your prostate is not inflamed.” I’m sure she was contemplating if it was too late to put me up for adoption.

“And how do you know that?”

“Because you’re a woman, only men have that.” My mom, for once, handled this very calmly.

That is the day I learned I do not have a prostate. That’s a relief given how often you hear about prostate cancer. I no longer have that to worry about. Oh, and about that college piece? I honestly judge the schools that accepted me for not having a better way to filter out the idiots.

A year ago, when discussing these moments to a friend, she told me about her own revelations.

“You know those lines left behind by airplanes in the sky?” She’s referring to the contrails.


“I never knew what they were until last month. I always figured it was from shooting stars during the daytime.”

I’m not sure if I have room to judge this. I’ll just leave this story at that.


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