Look Book

Model: Kelly Jena @kellyekern

When it comes to fashion inspiration I struggle finding a style that conforms to my taste of modern chic and classic vintage. Hours of pursuing Pinterest and Instagram has led my style to borderline basic in an attempt to conform with photo-shopped perfection. Why did I think I could pull off a track suit? Lately, I’ve found myself obsessing over the Webtoon, True Beauty. Jugyeong Lim, the protagonist, alters her looks with excessive makeup and adorable outfits as she often socializes with gorgeous kpop look alikes. I mean, look at her outfits!

Jugyeong’s style borders on modern chic as she incorporates girly ruffles with form flattering outfits. Naturally, I was inspired and replicated her style with ruffles, skirts, and dainty heels.

Faux Ostrich Purse: vampofficial.com


Model: Taylor Abreu @taylornabreu

Business in the back, party in the front. This corset style bra isn’t meant to be hidden by your average t-shirt or a one time outfit for Electric Forest. You can party with the girls no matter the season with this look. The blazer and lingerie combo is my favorite by far, though I would not recommend wearing this in the office, not even for a raise. In all seriousness, invest in a nice blazer for casual and professional wear, it’s worth the extra $$$.

Bra: https://www.lasenza.com/us

Blazer: https://m2.hm.com/

Necklace: https://www.forever21.com



Model: Taylor Abreu @taylornabreu

I know, I know, satin button downs and tiny sunglasses were so 2017/18. Coachella posts are still a deluge of colored sunglasses, glitter, and scraps of cloth covering perfectly toned bodies, however. Why not use tiny sunglasses a year later? This look is reminiscent of Miami mid summer with the vibrancy of Le Carnaval. I paired this button down with a bralette, for the less daring, and added earrings for the extra. These earrings are decorated with graphite and let’s be real, are edgy af.  Sadly, some of these styles are no longer in stores, similar outfits are linked down below!

Button down: h&m.com

Bralette: https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/us

Sunglasses: https://www.amazon.com

Earrings: redgiraffedesigns.com