Acne and people freaking suck

*sigh* Where to begin. In fifth grade I was friends with a pretty blonde, Jensen McConnell. Jensen was bubbly, sporting Abercrombie clothing and low cut shirts. Early into the year, Jensen warned our friend Courtney and I how she was now popular so she probably wouldn't be able to hang out with us often. Throughout … Continue reading Acne and people freaking suck

Japan 2: Graveyard visits, Deer kicking, Bathing

There’s a part two?? I promised there would be another part over half a year ago. Sure, I’m slow to the uptake, but I deliver. Eventually. I should make that an additional bullet on my resume.  SKILLS Construct innovative ideas in order to successfully consume time Produce outcome with reduced effort resulting in moderate results … Continue reading Japan 2: Graveyard visits, Deer kicking, Bathing